AEU Vice President, Howard Spreadbury, and EB Negotiator, Dan Farmer, met with the SAASLA Exec and provided an update on the current EB negotiations. The AEU are one month away from finalisation of their claim with the AEU Executive. On March 21st Branch Council will finalise content of claim. Some issues discussed:

  • Cutting out of country incentives after 5 years – this is a priority to get fixed, it should be paid to all teachers and leaders, examining some different calculation methods – average of payments, single one off set up payment. Lots of teachers are staying in zone 4 & 5 placements – this is impacting on their ability to receive incentives after the cut off.
  • Induction - should be extended for zone 2 to 4 schools, new Principals should get 4 week observation period, new teachers 2 day induction program.
  • Principal classification issue raised with AEU – enrolment barriers in country and metro noted as an issue, believe current zone loading to weighted RES needs to be altered to given more weighting to lower zoned schools ie Zone 1 & 2 currently receive no loading, AEU believe this should be 10%. Discussed increasing weighted RES to all zones. Explained difficulty in pushing this as could be perceived as disadvantaging metro members.
  • Locality Allowance Change – for sites over 320kms from Adelaide, trying to increase allowance from $0.24c per km to $0.84c per year.
  • Increase of Admin time for Coordinators to Senior Leaders – extra line of release.
  • Red Tape Reduction bonfides, RAAP etc difficult to get resolved.
  • Future salary increases – 3% each year x 3 years would be great outcome.

Special Education Students – increased funding of support.