Present – Representatives from Secondary, Primary, Small Schools and Area School Associations.

Helen Wildash – The aim of the forum is information gaining from the field.

Additional student free days will run out in 2017.

Stage 1 English and Maths 2016 Familiarisation, SACE board running a little behind with the development of the next 15 subjects.
What are the sustainable things that need to be put in place once the initiative runs out? Ie VET in Schools model which is 20 years old and still continuing?
Issues/Discussion Points
More work to be done A-E grades. Teacher judgement and reporting (these are top of Jayne Johnson’s agenda), moderation.

Institute of Educational Assessors – SACE Board. Also on Jayne Johnson’s agenda, Helen Wildash on steering committee, SASPA supportive of program and its benefits.

First 4 subjects of AC heavily focussed upon initially, others in phase 2 & 3 not so much ie Arts

Helen Wildash – ACARA working on developing single standard for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, technologies -pulling out repetition of skills in SOSE subjects.

Secondary schools – fitting it all in, lack of good advice on timetabling and making it fit in. Cross Curriculum and General Capabilities have been lost.

Composite classes programming for AC – is it an issue over in other states? Suggestion – look at the leading learning website, look at the essence of what is required.

?? SASPA – all seven areas – general capabilities etc should all be – Recommendation 6 + 10

Embedding of child protection curriculum – issues of fitting it in secondary curriculum, far from embedded.

Quite a few differences in new Stage 1 & 2 subjects compared to current subjects – back to 4 core subjects. Time frame is really tight, familiarisation is very quick.

PACIO and SACIO resourcing good – unlikely to be any increases in resourcing. These positions are funded by Treasury till 2018, alignment with Partnerships working well, Some confusion on CPAC and SACIO/PACIO roles – what can be asked of each, effective in servicing schools in need. 14 PACIO and 10 SACIO’s.

Concerns for NEP students in Mainstream.

How do we identify best practice and share it?

Accountability thru performance reviews.

Concerns about TFEL traction in secondary schools. Special Ed find them useful – TDEL documents – curriculum support. SWD central office team – dropped off 18 months ago, Department just realised, is re-jigging currently.

2 year learning bands – interim reporting issues, particularly in year 7 and 8 (Primary then high school).
Donnlee & Wiltshire – ACARA Report – No State Ministers have looked at the recommendations.

Could have core subjects or composite learning that could be opted into.

NO settlement on reporting, nor meaning on what grades mean at a state level.

Monitoring recommendations – as listed, crowded curriculum has come across from all states, 5 themes of national issues: better information for parents, crowded curriculum, rebalancing SWD, ACARA Governance (not at Federal level), more inclusive curriculum.

APPA’s desire to cut areas out of curriculum is unlikely to get up.

What do we need for 2018 and beyond? Specialised support for SWD or kids with specialised needs, differentiation. Assessment literacies – task design important, IT Systems at a classroom level – tools for reporting and tracking student data. PACIO/SACIo type funding – to go to Partnerships of local school.

SACE Institute of Assessors – Pay your own way for PD for staff.

No state wide SWD test available (comparable to PAT R & M)

Future forum’s planned for later in the year – no meeting dates set.

Meeting concluded 4.00pm