All Partnerships getting a mail out from SAASLA

20th of March – SASSLA Conference – Power to the Principal

In regard to 2015 EB negotiations:

  • SASSLA not a registered union
  • 14th year of association
  • Has regular, once a month, meetings with HR
  • EB expired in June
  • At present involved as a bargaining agent

Board re-election occurring – revisit association core business.

AEU has 13000 members, SASSLA has 350 members (not many EY Directors), total eligible leaders could be 800/900 plus pre-school directors that might join. Currently have 35% of leaders.

Legal Representation is part of membership - currently partner with Tindall, Gask & Bentley -biggest family law firm in SA. Provide a mediation service as well.

Provide intermediary with Workcover

National Scene – involvement with the Victorian Federation of Presidents.

Provided access to media advisors.