South Australian Area School Leader’s Association

    President – Pat Maloney – Mount Compass Area School

       Vice President – Chris Roberts – Streaky Bay Area School

Vice President –Robyn Wohling – Kimba Area School

                                                                                                                                                                      Treasurer – Leonie Falland –Mannum Area School




        MEETING Minutes

Monday 30th April


EDC – Milner Street Hindmarsh

ROOM: 2.15 – The Executive Suite



Pat Maloney, Prue Hunter, Robyn Wohling, Ian Kent, Chris Roberts, Lesley Murray, Kylie Eggers, Steve Bennett, Ray Marino, Leonie Falland.





  1. Minutes      from last Executive Meeting



  1. Business      Arising

Chris Roberts and Leonie Falland are attending the Leadership Institute meetings on Wednesday and Thursday.

Peter Popp’s visit is to explain how the SCFM will affect area schools.

A recent meeting was held with Gino DeGennaro in regards to budget cuts that ECD need to undertake by 2015.  The amounts needed to be cut are $82m by 2012, already $52m has been cut to date.  This leaves $34m left to be cut.

In the meeting ECD Executives were asked if any of this money will come from schools and the answer was no.


  1. Presidents      Report

Pat Maloney is attending three new groups

1.  Executive Forum for Schools: one meeting has been held so far this year that discussed future look of schools and meeting with Kerry and Phil O around the leader’s institute.

2.  SCFM: group

3.  Index of Disadvantage Subgroup: This index will be based on the education levels of mothers as this is the biggest impact on children’s learning.  This index will be focussed on educational disadvantage and all other factors are coming out such as transients, Aboriginality etc. These factors will be separate from the index of disadvantage.  This group has been working with academics from Victoria to come to decide on this structure.

Rurality will as a result of this have direct funding attached to it.

It is suspected that they will use school card usage to measure poverty.

If not enough data is collected by the schools the department will use the Ixia model as a fall back.  Schools need to know it is important to collect the needed information from parents.

Budget Meeting with Gino: This meeting was around the cutbacks ECD need to make which will be through redundancies in head office and regional offices.

The music program was discussed strongly as being cut so funding can go direct to schools and administration money will be saved.  The Association will field for views from members in regards to this.

SASIF balances were discussed.

Gino assured the associations that they will keep them informed about any movements in regards to budget cuts.

Red Tape Review: There was a strong reaction at last meeting from site around the anti-bullying documents that were distributed.  Last week there was an anti-bullying group formed to look at the Cossey recommendations. The Red Tape Review meetings do tend to have outcomes and are worth attending.  There is confusion over what the actual expectation is for this.

Ian Kent clarifies by stating that there is a need to include statements that explain how they can contact the ombudsman, some have tweaked their grievance policy to become the parent complaint policy.

Staffing: Steve Bennett has tried to use the new spread sheets for staffing and was unable to use it.  Support for using these is needed.  The pro forma is not user friendly.

The format needs to be changed to meet all school site situations.

The SACE Evaluation group has received over 100 submissions.

Some feedback received noted that there has been less interaction with the SACE Board.

They will seek feedback from 14000 students that have completed the SACE in 2011 through telephone interviews.

The SACE Evaluation is happy to come and talk to groups or associations.

SAEL Conference: This is now being advertised.  This is getting good regional support and subsidised registrations are being offered.

EB – Union has put out their log of claims – there is not a lot of leadership stuff included in it.

It does not seem like the union is pushing the needs of the association. Correna Haythorpe is attending a Coalition meeting this afternoon and this will be discussed.


  1. Treasurers      Report

Annual Funding requirements have been sent off to receive cheque this month hopefully.

Bank account currently sitting at $7500.00

Suggestion made to format a flyer to promote membership.

Please let Leonie know if there are unpaid claims that need to be paid.

Due to running short on funds – motions moved to use investment funds if needed.

Moved – Pat seconded Steve Bennet PASSED


  1. GUEST:      Kerry Kavanagh and Phil O’Loughlin & Kaye Johnson 11.00am-12.00pm

TOPIC: The Leadership Institute

On this Wednesday and Thursday ECD will hold sessions with Pat Collarbone in regards to The Leadership Institute.

Kerry and Phil Have been overseas to look at examples of Leadership Institutes.

The purpose of today’s visit is to give the Association a change to put their suggestions on the table.

It’s probable that DECs will look for an external partnership for this.

In the next 4-5 weeks they will look at putting together a proposal.

The budget will through commonwealth funding streams.  A long term business model will need to be developed as the project progresses.

HR & WD’s job will be to provide the infrastructure but wants it to be driven by leaders.

The Principals standards will be the guiding framework.

Three key questions asked and answered in groups (Feedback from group available as separate photocopy – contact Chris Roberts):


What are the type and range programs does it need to deliver.


What can be done to make sure it is driven by the profession.


How will it need to work?  E.g. governance framework.


  1. GUEST:      Peter Popp 12.00pm-1.00pm


SASIF Balances have increased quite dramatically since 2011.

AEU wants to increase regulation.  DECS feel this will make school operation more difficult.

The SCFM will be increased to reflect any salary increases.

Only around 50% of those eligible for step 9 have applied for it.

Not seeing many AP’s moving onto Principal positions.  DECS recognises that incentive is needed to attract more teaching staff to leadership positions.

September is a more realistic date for having a resolution – in which case the current rate and funding model will be rolled over.

Salary is not the sole consideration for creating incentive.

Hand Out circulated to show how SCFM is calculated and the movement in Area schools.

There is an issue with a few small primary schools that do not meet the award that the formula needs to be changed for.

The Department would like to move away from referencing old funding models.

When changing from one model to another there is always a need for a transition period.

The FIR allocation only covers a component of FIR costs.

Changes in policy have been part of the issue for this impact.

Area schools result to cuts in curriculum to cover costs – Peter advises when making this point to ensure that certain curriculum costs are not too high as this may result in the curriculum being cut/deemed too expensive.

The costs of moving year 7 to secondary schooling are considerable.

Tier 2 and open access funding: the cut off at 26 students needs to be reviewed.

Area schools face NIT issues more than other schools as you have teachers on different entitlements.




  1. Portfolio      Reports


  • Principal’s Australia – Ian Kent & Ray Marino

PAL NET, John Lang and the Principals Association were topics discussed.

PAL NET is an Australian wide chat list.

This has been run more effectively since the middle of term 1.

John Lang Awards: talked about lifting the profile and are doing a review on the whole of principals Australia group.  Next meeting is in week 6 this term.


  • HR – Steve Bennet and Robyn Wohling

Unable to attend second meeting for the year.

Suggestion at the first meeting was that there needs to be prior information of topics to be discussed so responses can be better thought through.

Next meeting is Friday the 11th May 2012.

Surveys by Adelaide Uni results have been received.  This has taken 2 years which is too long and feedback was given that this needs to be shorter.

Presentation given around the connection with Families SA that now exists with ECD.

Issues exist around tech studies and groundsmen – David Large is visiting sites in regards to this.

Information to schools in regards to what machinery, brands and suppliers to use and what is regarding in terms of tagging etc.  More than one person needs to have this knowledge.

Will raise the issue of support to schools being downscaled due to budget cuts that are needed.

PD Review – Erica Wombsley spoke about this.  Kate Castine contacted Pat Maloney last week to request that this was completed on behalf of the association.

FIR – Peter Popp was agitated over this topic.  This topic is to be brought up with Correna Haythorpe.


  • Curriculum portfolio – Robyn Wohling and Lesley Murray

Teleconference link up with Richard Hellier took place.

Letter from Karen Cornelius, member for the Australian Curriculum advisory group is needed: Lesley Murray will represent Primary and Robyn Wohling will represent Secondary.

Australian Curriculum implementation feedback.

For secondary there is a policy that none of the advisory people would go into schools until Term 2.  This is not ideal.  Associations view on the lack of support this policy provides is to be voiced to ECD.

Eyre has no officer as there were no applicants for the job due to travel to Adelaide required.

Apart from the implementation officers and 2 student free days there has been no extra funding allocated for implementation

Pat will raise this issue with the Coalition as well.

A response will be written by Robyn Wohling in regards to this on behalf of the Association.


  • Membership – Kym O’Loughlin and Kylie Eggers

Associate memberships are being enquired about.

There should be promoted so that the Association that keeps the country voice alive.

Membership fees have been raised by $2.00




  • ICT / Learning Technologies – Chris Roberts & Leonie Falland

Video conferencing

Eyre has been involved in a grant to do some work into delivering systems.

A road trip through VIC will be happening in about a week.

Information around Adobe site licences was due around early March – hopefully this will be available soon.


  • DIAF – Leonie Falland/Steve Bennett

Next meeting in Week7 this term.


  • Literacy Secretariat – Ray Marino/Robyn Wohling

Last teleconference meeting attended.

Allocation of reading support teachers was discussed.

Kate Castine has been doing a review for The Literacy Secretariat.  A report is due soon.

Information will be circulated as soon as it is received.

Literacy for Learning is training being pushed.

Feedback on The Literacy Secretariat would be useful to pass on at the moment since it is under review.


  • Conference Organisation – Pat Maloney and Leonie Falland.  (SA Education Leaders)

Registrations are open.

The Association holding Best Practise Awards and AGM on the Wednesday night– Steve Dinham will be attending.

Leonie Falland will clarify the amount of Best Practice Awards, whether it will stay at $2000 and if so will the prize be split to make it 2 winners?

Members ring directly to book hotel rooms.

Information needed from event managers for attendance at Wednesday night function.

The Southbank room will be booked and used.


  • Coalition of Associations – Pat Maloney and Robyn Wohling

Meeting with Correna Haythorpe from the AEU this afternoon



  • Professional Support of (new leaders) – Ray Marino and Kylie Egger

Phone calls made out to schools to compile lists and attract new members.


  • SACE Portfolio Principals Advisory Committee – Pat Maloney

This group has not met



  • Special Education Review Group

Meetings have been organised with little notice to be able to organise travel/attendance.

The group will be addressing the model for identifying students with disabilities.


  1. Issues      from the field

Robyn continues to receive issues regarding cleaning contracts.

Contracts coming up for negotiation are being renegotiated under a new formula or that is resulting in a cut of areas being cleaned.

Pat Maloney has a meeting with Garry Costello in two weeks – in this meeting he will raise the special education group issue re: lack of notice.

Any other issues wanting to be raised please let Pat Maloney know.

There is a directive from The Department that students must drink water that is filtered with ultra violet filters, straight rain water is unfit for consumption.







Andrew Wells National Partnerships response:


Andrew wants the response to be framed around answering:

Have ECD got the mix of strategies right?

What is the impact in terms of student achievement?


ICANS worked well for large settings but not more isolated of small sites.  There is a need for the funding to be more flexible to cater to these sites to allow these schools to case manage the students themselves.


Local decisions for local issues would be better as a lot of the funds are spent on travel of the registered organisation to and from the school.


More flexibility to enable more schools to access the funds.


Regional Leadership Consultants have been very beneficial to some area schools.


Need to clarify if these funds are available to all schools or just low SES schools.


In regards to SPALL, Expanding this learning to the whole leadership team would be beneficial.


If we want to make a difference to learning outcomes we need to target all students

rather than just the low SES kids.


Chris Roberts will form a response and send off.


Meeting Left at: 2.50pm