Feedback on Leader’s Conference was developed and documented by SAASLA Exec, additional feedback sought from members – sent to both SAPPA and SASPA Presidents to include in discussions with CEO. SAASLA feedback correlated well with SASPA Leader feedback.

Treasurer’s Report – tabled - Exec accepted report

Victorian Country Education Partnership (CEP) – CE Phil Brown

Commitment to action from CEP members to improve rural education.

  • Provision and how do we do this – what is it? How do we set the agenda?
  • More subjects taught by technology in 1995 than in 2015.
  • Small country schools are trying to be too big – offer too much and not do what they can really well.
  • Stephen Lamb – Improvements in wellbeing and learning in Communities study – breaking down rural and remote data sets.
  • Regional Centres over 35000 are performing the worst in VIC and this is being replicated in SA. Small Schools/communities have the second highest retention rates - they hold onto kids.

Planning for the CEP Rural Leaders Conference in Melbourne

Have organised International Presenters: Yong Zhoa and Maggie Farrar

Four focus areas:

  • Collaboration - professional practice & across communities
  • Focus on Early Years (Hattie - class size does matter in low performing schools/pre-schools)
  • Aspirations/Inspiration of young people – what are our kids aspiring to? Where are they getting it from?

Creative and Innovative Thinking

Day 2 - Developing Collaborative Practice

Could touch on McRell Consulting (US) – US kids learning more outside than inside school – how do you get inside doing more outside type learning


CEP Partnerships

  • Queensland Leadership Institute (QuLI) - revamping Small Schools Leadership Program for schools with less than 100 students. Rural Education - what does this look like?
  • Partnerships with Mitchell Corporation – sponsors of Rural Conference and supporting Yong Zhoa and Maggie Farrar.
  • Centre for best Teaching in UK – power of collaboration, 6000 schools in 600 alliances – fastest growing educational trend in UK (faster than FreeSchools and Federations). Google Robert Hill for research. Michael Fullan – to invite NZ, UK, Aust and Canada - collaborative practice in intervention poor performing to performing. International Full Day Forum in Nov. through online technology.

4        Student Voice – Victoria targets Middle School mostly -> now targeting year 11 and 12 kids they have to nominate, be referred and articulate (top 100 CEO’s in Aust – 30% come from rural and remote – they have well developed resilience, adaptability etc skills).

Other Info:

Stephen Heppell – investigating engaging with him “Stage v’s Age”

Qld – full local autonomy – Global Budgets have gone into schools. No Area Schools type system work occurring.

George Onterio - good entry points for Partnerships

Move from bureaucracies to action that site’s need (ownership) occurring

No National Rural Voice in Australia currently.