SAASLA conference

Planning for the upcoming SAASLA annual conference has continued, a potential date has been set for Sunday 24th through 26th August. Guest speakers will be Phil Brown, Chairperson of Country Areas Project Victoria and Wendy Graham ex Chairperson of Country Areas Project Victoria who will lead us through a condensed program delivered to Victoria Country Principals on Collaborative Practices to Support Improved Learning. The Executive believe that this will dovetail nicely into the Partnership work we are all engaged in and give us the opportunity to learn from other state’s experiences around the notion of Collaborative Learning. Evidently South Australia is not alone in moving to the notion of Decentralisation and working amongst clusters. The Executive will be constructing the conference agenda at the upcoming face-to-face meeting and will be released shortly.
Term 1 was a busy term for members of the SAASLA Executive team. Some of the highlights/activities for the Executive during the term included:

Interstate Professional Relationships

Two members of the SAASLA Exec (Chris Roberts and Robyn Wohling) have been invited and funded to present “State of play in SA” at the Western Australian WA District High School Administrators Association (WADHSAA) Annual conference in term 2. Members of the WADHSAA executive were guest speakers at the last SASSLA conference, they were impressed with our Association’s work and are keen to continue to develop relationships between Associations. Ray Marino has been invited to attend the Victorian Country Areas Project forum with one of the world’s renowned education presenters Sir John Jones at Halls Gap on the 29th May. The SASSLA Executive is currently working at strengthening professional relationships across interstate rural Principal Associations.

HR Committee

SASSLA Exec. has been active in attending DECD HR Committee meetings examining HR issues within DECD. SAASLA has been very active in the lobbying of various levels within DECDs and the Union for a quick and sensible resolution around the SSO Vacancy issue that evolved during term 1 – we were pleased with the final outcome. SAASLA has attended a HR Catalogue development forum where DECD HR has identified all the services it offers sites and is developing a succinct and easy to use catalogue that sites can use to easily identify key DECD personnel around particular services. The aim is to have simple directory that users can use to work out who to contact for support with a particular HR problem.

ConnectED Expo

Many thanks to Ray Marino for organising SAASLA to have a booth at the DECD ConnectED expo, which has held at the National Wine Centre on the first Monday of the holidays. The expo was for up coming graduates or those people aspiring to work within DECD. It was great that we had some leaders representing the rural schools, highlighting the job opportunities in the country and encouraging graduates to consider working in the country. Many thanks to Ray Marino, Kylie Eggers and Chris Roberts for manning the booth during the Expo.


With DECD funding to support the Coalition of Association’s concluding at the end of last year, the Coalition has formally now ceased to operate. There is a commitment from Association Presidents that we will continue to work together on common issues and meet as required to act upon issues – this has continued this year (the SSO Vacancy issue is an example).