SAASLA Executive 18th March 2015 – Phone link Summary

Change Management Unit

SAALSA has been engaged in the Change Management Unit’s change program. Association President’s are participating in monthly briefings with Ben Temperly – who is managing the Change Management Process. SAASLA has also been involved in Change Management workshops with KPMG to identify corporate services that are valued, those that can be improves and those services that do not seem to impact on sites. Chris (along with other association President’s) has been involved in an interview with KPMG to further develop areas identified from the Change workshops. A second workshop is planned for week 1 of term 2.

SAALSA Conference

Pleasing response to the move to incorporate the 2105 SAASLA conference with the Victorian Rural Leaders Conference (which is organised by the Victorian County Education Partnership (CEP) – Phil Brown is CE). The conference is being held in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th of May. CAP have agreed that SAASLA members can attend for the early bird discounted rate. Accommodation packages at the conference venue are available. SAASLA will provide some additional assistance for leader’s to attend. Already approximately 20 SAASLA members have indicated that they are interested in attending. At this point the Exec feels it may be easier for SAASLA members to make their own travel arrangements over to Victoria (SAASLA does not intend to be involved in group bookings), some coordination of transport from the airport may occur depending upon numbers. Information on the Rural Leaders Conference can be obtained on the SAASLA website and has been emailed out to members. A separate function for Best Practice Awards with potential sponsor access is being considered.

ConnectDECD Expo

SAASLA will be hosting a booth at the Expo on Monday 13th of April – designed to target new graduates and people looking at working for DECD. The organising committee are requesting that each Area School send in a photo of their school for use in a powerpoint and nominate areas that they believe they may have vacancies in, in 2016 – these will be shown to graduates who may express interest in these areas and provide some follow up information for Principals. The organising committee is seeking SAASLA members who would like to spend some time on the booth at the Expo – names to Chris Roberts if you are in Adelaide and available (any amount of time will be appreciated).

Principal’s Australia

Meeting next Friday, John Lange Award nomination will be required from the association soon.

Principals Classification Levels

Lots of discussion with AEU and DECD HR by SAASLA. Seems to be some reluctance by AEU to prioritise this as an EB negotiation point. Suggestion that we join SASPA’s workload HR survey to add weight to the information about Principals workload in this EB. – this to be circulated to SAASLA members.

Central Office Review

More work seems to be being pushed out from the different offices of Central Office to sites. Ie HR – appointment/Merit processes, updated forms, Plant Inspections, ED Review Teams. This info. to be included in the Change Management Review processes that SAASLA involved in.

EB Updates

Concerns about the lack of support for the EB updates.

DECD Boarding Programs

Concern about the lack of funding coming through to the three sites who have boarding programs – Lucindale, Burra and Cleve. Their Governing Council’s are following this up. Watch and wait for the association.

FLO Enrolment draft Policy

SAASLA generated feedback for the draft FLO Enrolment policy

Australian Curriculum Forum

Feedback required on Literacy and Numeracy Plus program, what is working re literacy and numeracy in sites, what worked in regard to the Aust Curriculum implementation – recommendations for the future developed. This info. taken to the forum.

Next Meeting – Face to Face Monday 11th May – EDC Adelaide.