South Australian Area School Leader’s Association

    President – Pat Maloney – Mount Compass Area School

       Vice President – Chris Roberts – Streaky Bay Area School

Vice President –Robyn Wohling – Kimba Area School

                Treasurer – Leonie Falland –Mannum Area School






Thursday 31st May 2012


Phone: 1800 063 705

PIN: 12149937


Kylie Eggers, Ray Marino, Kym O’Loughlin, Pat Maloney, Robyn Wohling, Steve Bennett, Chris Roberts.

Kylie and Robyn leaving at 8.30am.


Ian Kent


  1. Minutes from last      Executive Meeting


  1. Business Arising

All Items included in this Agenda

  1. Presidents Report


–       Pat is attending executive forums today.

On the Agenda are the following:

Discussing integrated services (schools as hubs)

Ben Temperly will be touching on the general provisions bill.

Discussion about workload on principals should be had at this meeting– as this may be an issue.

The Leadership Institute will be discussed

Chris Roberts went to both days on the Leadership institute with Pat Collarbone – they were asking about how Principals would like it structured and governed.

Hopefully Pat will find out where they are up to on this today.

Pat is also attending a briefing around the budget by Grace Portolesi at 5.30pm today.

A John Hallsey article was flicked onto the executive by Pat re: research in R-12 schools.

Ray is happy to be involved in this research being done by John Hallsey.

A meeting with Garry Costello did not go ahead.

Next meeting with him will be in August – another representative for this meeting is wanted.

The Coalition of Associations met with Ross Treadwell re: cleaning and breakdown maintenance.

The Coalition is urging that breakdown be centrally run.

This needs and will be continued as a push by The Coalition.

A meeting with AEU and Coalition did not go ahead – therefore a teleconference was organised with a set of questions.

Suggestion made to send schedule 7 to John Hallsey for him to start having a look at.

SAEL – last meeting held at Westpac Centre – the facility looks very good.


  1. Treasurers Report

Leonie not present – paperwork has been finalised for last year’s Association grant payment.






  1. Portfolio Reports


  • Principal’s Australia – Ian Kent & Ray Marino

PALNET and John Lang award talked about – information regarding this will be circulated soon


  • HR – Steve Bennet & Robyn Wohling

No meeting has taken place since the face to face Executive meeting.

A proposal has been put out by SAPPA in regards to leaders; they are looking at setting up criteria for hard to staff schools.

Pat will be seeing Jan and Steve today and will ask them to pass on details regarding the next meeting.

Attended a strategy group to look at implementing Numeracy across schools.  This could go down the same line at the Literacy Secretariat.

Reward for great teachers – looking at using the national standards for this.

There will be an Occupational Health and Safety review.


  • Membership – Kym O’Loughlin and Kylie Eggers

Nothing to report – Payroll reports are being emailed to Kym O’Loughlin.

Pat will cc Kym into the Exec only chat list emails to pass onto Kylie Eggers and Steve Bennett until access for all three can be granted (Kym/Lesley are looking into this).


  • ICT / Learning Technologies – Chris Roberts.  Leonie Falland (substitute)

Filtering issues were discussed.

Adobe licenses have been successful, central office will be doing some research on this to enable them to be purchased for smaller groups.


  • DIAF – Leonie Falland/Steve Bennett

No meeting held, next one planned for week 7.


  • Literacy Secretariat – Ray Marino/Robyn Wohling

No meeting since last face to face.


  • Conference Organisation – Pat Maloney and Leonie Falland.  (SA Education Leaders)

Robyn has booked Southbank room at The Lakes Resort and accommodation is held and available for members.

Leonie was taking care of sponsorship.

Ray Marino is working with Paul Paulenas re: Best Practise Awards.


  • Coalition of Associations – Pat Maloney and Chris Roberts

Covered in Presidents Report


  • Student      Voice  – Leonie Falland and Ray      Marino

Ray is following up a couple of things through Principals Australia


  1. Issues from the      field

PRTs at end of tenure and their right to be placed in the school – some are thinking that they will be automatically placed when the school site does not necessarily have a position for them.


Next Meeting:


Thursday 21st June 2012


Ph. 1800063 705

PIN: 12156610